News from the Front: Memories of the Firelands

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Not one, but two bosses!



…you know, I’m sure I’ve used that one before.

So, the troll council and Tortos (eventually) fall before us, putting us back at 7th on the server. Megaera was also poked tentatively, and she shouldn’t be far behind.

In order to kill the trolls, we followed the tactic of killing Sul first. With quicksand and sandstorm out of the way, the fight becomes incredibly easy. Definitely the most frontloaded fight in terms of damage and complexity that we’ve seen in a while, and possibly the most frontloaded full stop (Halfus springs to mind as a contender).

Tortos brought back post traumatic stress-like symptoms of our forays into the Firelands, and the turtle trash. Unfortunately this time they were brought into the encounter without the intervention of a certain pantless Death Knight, so we just had to handle it. For any guilds struggling on Tortos, we found that after the first couple of sets of Whirl Turtles, we could kick superfluous shells through the bats to get more damage on them and the boss itself. The soft enrage almost got us, and in typical fashion we killed him just before Squeaks died to his cauterize tick. Took us 28 pulls, for those of you still working on him.

Now, onto Megaera and Ji’kun. If we get past the Gastropodes.

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