News from the Front: Better Late Than Never!

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So, that’s that done. We are now, apparently, the 11th best guild on the server. Go us!

I thought that this time, rather than go through the comedy of errors that is the Wei Wu Wei lineup challenge, I’d post a kill shot with a bit more significance: the playing area immediately after the kill. Fun trivia fact: I have finished every single first kill in Cataclysm dead, having killed myself for the last 15 seconds of free healing.

Also, please let the record show that, for this pull, our main tank Kerrimar had a rabbit-related disconnect at the start of phase 2, so we powered through with many panicked cries, heroism and DPS tanking the bigger elementals.

The Team (in Role – Alphabetical Order):

T: Kerrimar
H: Evalynn
H: Glorim
H: Lan
D: Adetsa
D: Dreyk
D: Grend
D: Squeaks
D: Vaylie
D: Zaedria

Now to finish up extracting some mounts/titles from the older stuff. See you all in Mists!

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Awesome stuff, well done chaps and chapesses!

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